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Below you will find an overview of some common questions people may ask, before booking for a consultation.

If your question is not answered below, reach out any time for assistance.  

No matter you minor or major health challenge, body battle or disease you may be facing, your body is presenting you with symptoms of an underlying issue. Your symptoms are your body’s way of trying to tell you something isn’t right. So usually, you seek medical help to overcome the symptoms. Pain. Skin alterations. Weight changes. Hair loss. Fatigue. Muscle weakness. Allergies. Joint inflammation. Whatever the symptom; these are common causes for medical intervention.

What sets Mana Health apart from many mainstream treatments, is we strive to help the underlying cause of your condition.

We treat the body as a system, not just the symptoms.

Mana Health aims to restore your body to its optimal state through the prescription of specific nourishment for your body through foods, vitamins, minerals, supplementation and / or lifestyle protocols to help you overcome the challenges you are struggling to overcome the root cause of the issue, rather than simply band-aid the symptoms.

Absolutely. Sometimes we may not realise there are simple improvements we can make to our health to increase energy and vitality and maintain longevity; preventing disease and illness later in life as much as possible.

Even if you are feeling “well”, why not book in for a consultation to consider learning more about specific nutritional needs for your health and your body.

All initial consultation commences with an extensive questionnaire which will query the heath of all body systems, a history of your health and discuss current symptoms or challenges. A protocol will be provided at the end of the session or via email after the consultation, which will include directions for foods to include or exclude, specific nutritional supplements (such as vitamins, minerals, probiotics etc) to aid in your healing process and lifestyle recommendations, to restore your health and vitality!

All follow-up sessions will include a review of your health, the progress made and the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment protocols.

Every single person is different though it is recommended, when the prescribed treatment plan and protocols are followed as close to the recommended guidelines as possible, the best possible outcomes are available to you.

However, in respect to everyone’s individual history and body, absolute guarantees cannot be made.

No. In the event you may be taking medication, discontinuing your existing medication will only be advised if you doctor is aware of this request on your part and they provide approval of this. Under no circumstances will discontinuing medication be advised unless approved by your doctor or specialist.

Yes. The process will be the same and a treatment plan and protocol will be emailed after the consultation.

Group sessions are tailored towards the needs of the group. If for example, a sporting team would like advice on decreasing inflammation, managing injuries though nutritional advice, or ways to manage their health in general, the content will be prepared specifically for the goals and needs of the team. The same applies for workplace, school or community groups. The content will be tailored specifically to the audience and needs of those attending the session.

Group sessions are priced per enquiry.

Skype consultations are $95.00 for initial consultations and $75.00 for follow up sessions.

Please allow 60 minutes for initial consultations and 45 minutes for follow-up sessions.

On many occasions specific supplements will be prescribed for you, which are specific to your individual needs and state of health which are recommended for purchase after the session.

Supplementation works similar to medicine. Following a doctor’s appointment, you are frequently advised prescriptive medication.

With a Nutritional Therapy consultation, you will be prescribed specific nutrients to assist in the restoration of your health.

If your individual policy includes the capability to claim back for nutritional therapy, yes, you can claim back on health insurance!

Email, call or via the online booking system, any time. 😉