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“After suffering extensive pain in my feet and ankles, I received an extensive consultation from Alanna Lalor. I sought out Alanna Lalor as her practise is fully based on “ Nature “ as the solution. I have always held a very strong belief that for every ailment on earth, a natural solution also exists. The initial suggestion was a mixture of all natural tablets, followed by a daily simple approach of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar with water , twenty minutes prior to eating , first thing in the morning. The excessive pain dissipated greatly after the course of tablets. However I was suddenly pain free after I started on the simple lemon drink. All traditional western doctors had informed me that it was Arthritis and to take chemicals it was a part of ageing and nothing could be done. I cannot speak high enough of a wonderful natural result, by a very impressive professional young woman.”


“If you are lucky enough to have already met Alanna, you will know and understand how just being around her will make you feel better. That experience alone is enough to know you are on the right path to achieving your best Health. I am an exceptionally Healthy individual, I eat Clean, I don’t drink Alcohol I exercise and am conscious of what I put in my Body and how it affects me. Yet despite this Lifestyle, I still faced an ongoing battle with Bloating, Water Retention, general Abdominal and Bowl discomfort. I had tried any and every number of methods, Supplements and Natural Medicine to alleviate this to no avail. It wasn’t until Alanna explained that despite my now Healthy Lifestyle choices, I was not correcting imbalances created in my Body from all the time before that change. I was giving my Body tools that were great in an already Healthy environment, but was not Healing any previous damages. The Protocol Alanna prescribed changed my life as I knew it. Only a few days in I already felt substantially better and my Symptoms, even ones I didn’t recognise as such, became a thing of the past. No other approach I had tried seemed to connect with my Body as perfectly as Alanna’s prescription. My Body and I are both grateful!”