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About Me

I was 17 when I recall as clear as it was yesterday, deciding to set foundations for the rest of my life. I have no idea what my schoolteacher was saying at the time, but something significant dawned on me…
We can preserve our health.
We can prevent disease.
Maybe not everything, but most things.
So, I made the decision there and then, “I refuse to be diagnosed by a lifestyle disease I can prevent.”

Now, not quite two decades later, what seems like hundreds of thousands of hours spent studying, and enormous investments in qualifications which would sum nearly three figures and strict daily life of practices which fuel and maintain amazing health…
I am Well, Healthy, Happy.

But in 2019 things changed again.
Falling pregnant to my first little baby Evangeline Rose (Evie) was an absolute game changer.
She turned my whole world around – for the better and I found I had questions I was determined to answer myself.
What does a healthy pregnancy look like?
How do new Mum’s feel during their pregnancy that shapes their journey?
For such a HUGE process, how can we feel as good as we possibly can to not only maximise our own health but also that of our baby?
How can we shape the health of our little ones once there are here?

SO many questions and ALL mums, not only me, would be looking for the answers!

The health of Mums-to-be and little ones throughout their journey is pivotal.

The heath of the little ones is more precious during pregnancy ad in the early years, than any stage of their life and Mums’ access to resources can be confusing and sometimes incomplete. Which is where I step in! I take the guess work out for Mums-to-be and infants to help in these amazing days of life!

I am on a mission to help Mums-to-be and little ones live a healthy and happy journey as they begin life together.

I cannot wait to share my own experiences and knowledge with Mums to be and all families with little ones, achieve optimal health for a happy, healthy life!

Let’s start!